“We pride ourselves on being able to communicate well with people. We understand there are different learning styles.” — Michael Todd, PGA of Canada







Get a better grip on your game with some professional instruction and a little practice.

The goal in teaching the game of golf is to help students improve their skills to play better golf and have more fun doing so. All coaching is tailored around each player’s personal goals, physical capability, and experience level. We take great pride in helping people improve their golf game. That’s what we’re all about.

We cultivate a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Whether you want to focus on your short game, your full swing, or maybe learn how to play golf right from scratch, our professional, Michael Todd, is here to help.


Meet our PGA of Canada Golf Professional, Michael Todd. He has established himself as this area’s “Short Game Specialist” with a focused approach to helping your golf game from 100 yards and in. Knowing that 60%-65% of your shots in a round of golf (maybe more) occur from inside this distance, it only makes good sense that if you want to lower your scores, short game improvement becomes the most effective way to meet your goals. Michael will make you a better wedge player, pitcher, chipper and putter…guaranteed!

What a difference investing little extra time in your game would mean. You might even shock your foursome with the resultant new-found edge to your game.

“If you have no short game, you have no golf game.”

“Better pitching, better chipping, better putting. Better scores!”

“300 yard drive or a 30 yard chip-in? I’ll take the chip-in every time.”

Michael Todd, PGA of Canada
President, Director of Operations
Head Golf Professional
[email protected]


A one hour private lesson with Michael Todd – $99
A series of three (3), one-hour sessions – $269
A series of five (5), one-hour sessions – $399

Private lesson rates are based on one person per session. Additional persons (up to a maximum of 4) are welcome for an additional nominal fee. Duration of lesson will be extended accordingly. Please request quote.


“Great Touch” Short Game Program
(8 weeks / 1 hour per week)
Dates: Coming Spring 2020

This short game learning experience will help you become razor sharp on and around the green. Skill development and techniques will include: wedge play from inside 100 yards, pitching, chipping, bunker play, putting and so much more! Once completed you will be the envy of your playing partners once witness your improved scoring ability. Space is limited.

Fee: $199

Registration information coming soon.

“Learn and Laugh” Women’s Program
(12 weeks / 1 hour per week)
Tuesdays 5:00pm or 6:30pm – June 4th thru August 20th

This women’s only program won’t have you laughing at your bad shots anymore, but laughing with amazement at your good shots! The atmosphere will be educational and social…and a whole lot of fun! All aspects of the game of golf will be covered and will include a few on-course components. You will be taken to new heights on how to enjoy the game more with your improved techniques and mental approach to the game. Guaranteed to be a great experience! Space is limited.

Fee: $299


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