Hole-By-Hole & Scorecard


With the natural outcropping adjacent to the property – the ridge – and that fact that an honest-to-goodness, legendary genius of a golf architect gave shape and form to the course – what other name could we go by! 

Hole #1 – On Your Way

A straight away par 5 to get your day started. This hole requires a good tee shot and second shot, leaving you with a wedge or short iron for your approach. A relatively small, undulating green that is very tricky. A great piece of local knowledge…your putts will often break to the water even though it might not look that way.

Hole #2 – Side Hill Swing

This simple looking par 3 is anything but easy. A narrow, two tiered green makes hitting the surface challenging. The left side hill can be your friend, but it can also be your foe. A pin location on the top tier will provide plenty of risk. Over the back is a tough up and in. Putting from the bottom up to the top will showcase your putting prowess.

Hole #3 – Timber Alley

It won’t take you long to see where the naming of this hole came from. It is like playing in a hallway of trees. A tee shot ending on the left side of the fairway will give you the best angle for your approach. If you are going to miss somewhere coming into this green…short is better. Unprotected at the front allows for shots to run up. It also makes for easier chips and pitches. A par on this hole is a great score!

Hole #4 – Corset Cut

You will be faced with a difficult tee shot to get this hole started, setting you up for success or failure. A drive down the left side will introduce you to a towering pine that will interfere with your second shot. The green on Corset Cut is one of the trickiest on the course. Favour the left side of the putting surface. Left to right slope and a lower tier will want to drag your golf ball away.

Hole #5 – Georgian View

A tee shot down the right side is the safest route. Flirt with the left side and this could spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E. For your second shot, you will have to negotiate a gulley that runs across about 100 yards from the green. A decision will need to be made to lay up short or carry it over. A tricky, undulating green will make it difficult to hole putts. Enjoy the views!

Hole #6 – Westward Ho

Once again, a tee shot down the right side is ideal. Your second shot will be tricky. This green presents a small landing area for you to putt from. A good portion of this green (short and left) is extremely sloped and will force your ball to roll off the putting surface…creating a challenging chip or putt.

Hole #7 – Bridge of Sighs

Accuracy off the tee is at a premium on this devilish hole. Choose a club that gives you confidence because “out of bounds” is lurking down the right side. The green is small and slopes front to back. Landing the ball a little short is ideal for your second shot. It should roll up and hopefully giving you a look at making a birdie.

Hole #8 – Devil’s Drop

Don’t get careless or this “Little Devil” will punish you. The elevated tee makes it play shorter than the yardage. Choose the right club, know the wind and make a good swing. You will then walk away feeling like an angel on this devilish little hole.

Hole #9 – Legate’s Gulley

A tee shot down the right side will be perfect. Try not to steer your ball left towards the base of the ridge. A side hill lie and overhanging branches will make hitting this green very difficult. A well placed greenside bunker is ready to swallow any mishit approach shots. Make par or birdie here and a cold beverage at the Halfway House will taste a little better.

Hole #10 – Lasting Legacy

This is a difficult hole to reach in two for many golfers. The drive must be straight and long to leave you with a good chance of hitting the green. The second shot will need to be a good one in order to avoid the two yawning bunkers. With any luck you will be left with an uphill putt. 4 is a great score here!

Hole #11 – Fiddler’s Elbow

The key here is to try and get your tee shot out past the corner in order to have a direct approach to the green. The fun doesn’t stop there as your next shot is straight uphill to a very deep green. Remember to take an extra club or two. The pin location can be a big factor with club selection as well. It’s not uncommon to face one of your longest putts of the day on this green.

Hole #12 – Gone Fishing

Many golfers have cast their golf ball into the pond here over the years…hence the name. This short par 3 requires the right club and a good swing in order to yield a good result. Be aware of what the wind is doing as well. It can play tricks on you from time to time.

Hole #13 – Sunset Mile

This is one of the toughest holes on the course due simply to the length. Making it worst, it is often played into the wind. A nice solid draw for a right hander is ideal. Your approach shot will be hit to the largest green on the course. It is guarded nicely by two big bunkers waiting to gobble up errant shots. This is another hole where you may have a long first putt.

Hole #14 – Windjammer

Arguably the toughest of the five par 3s, club selection can vary by as much as 3 or 4 depending on pin location. A large front and left bunker will catch your attention as you stand on the tee assessing your plan of attack. Missing the green to the right is no picnic. 

Hole #15 – Spruce Alley

You see where the name comes from here. This hole is lined with spruce trees. A well placed tee shot will position you to attach this pin location. Try and leave your approach below the hole on this green that slopes severely from back to front. Tidy up here and begin your final trek home.

Hole #16 – Home Run

What you see is what you get. This hole is straight away. You are going to have to hit one out of the park if you want to get home in two on this brute of a par 5. Out of bounds down the whole right side is this holes’ biggest defence. A birdie is a great score. Par is a good score. Bogeys and higher are not uncommon.

Hole #17 – Perfect Picture

Enjoy the view, but don’t let it be a distraction. This beautiful par 3 plays down hill and often down wind. A club less than your normal from this distance would not be uncommon. Leaving your golf ball below the hole will allow for an aggressive attempt, hopefully for birdie. 

Hole #18 – Homeward Bound

The 19th hole waits! Our final hole is one of your best birdie chances. With two good shots, you could be on this green or very close. Your drive should be in the fairway to make this become a reality, so target your drive at the Turf Care Centre. The green is guarded by a trap on the front right and trees left. If you avoid these perils, a birdie putt is likely.

Yardage, rating & slope

GOLD (Men)

6301 yds

69.9 Rating

131 Slope


6301 yds

76.4 Rating

138 Slope


5920 yds

68.3 Rating

128 Slope

Silver (Women)

5920 yds

74.4 Rating

134 Slope

Bronze (Men)

4671 yds

63.1 Rating

118 Slope

Bronze (Women)

4671 yds

67.3 Rating

121 Slope

Hybrid (Men)

5545 yds

67.0 Rating

125 Slope

Hybrid (Women)

5545 yds

72.7 Rating

130 Slope

Fusion (Men)

5020 yds

65.1 Rating

121 Slope

Fusion (Women)

5020 yds

69.9 Rating

126 Slope